Kobe’s watch TV to practice Fadea-way

The Lakers nation” message, Kobe said in an interview, their practice fadeaway once by the discovery channel for inspiration.

This interview is completed by the “New York Times” renowned journalist Philip Gaines in a restaurant in Italy, Kobe answered a lot about basketball and life problems, one of these words is the most interesting.

Kobe admitted in improving their shooting also encountered many difficulties: “let me give you an example, when you see my fadeaway, you’ll find out my legs are stretched. In the past I shot there is always a lot of this problem, it is very difficult to be solved. Then, one day when I’m watching the discovery channel program, see a cheetah chasing prey. When a cheetah run up, its tail to become the key to balance, even through a very narrow angle. I think at that time, my legs should also like its tail like that, right?

From this interview is not difficult to see, Kobe for technical movement in pursuit of perfection, this just makes him become the most dominant scorer in league history. And Jordan like, Kobe is also in the occupation career later began to practise the fadeaway, however, this technical movement has now become the Kobe in the league “a gilded signboard“, in addition, league players also saw the flash in the use of the technology of the perfect step.


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