Big Shoes Let Ray Allen Keep Shooting Trick

Famous basketball expert Kelly Deweier once wrote an article revealing the Boston Celtics team veteran ray – Allen reason for maintaining healthy state: that would increase their shoes.

Deweier pointed out that ray – Allen on the maintenance of their own bodies have reached the professional level in the article. In the field, though sometimes you will see his endurance already eroded by age, but in the final moment, over 30 year-old marksman will become young vitality. When the 2007 transfer, the Celtics particularly discussed his knee injury, afraid of his injury shortened his occupation career. But luckily, he came to Boston, we can see that he created a League record from three.

What is the secret of Allen to keep their health status? The answer is: Jordans in a size 14, Size 15 Jordan shoes

In 1996, when Allen came into the League Size 13 shoes. With the passage of time, he chose to wear 14 yards of shoes. Two years ago, he changed to wear 15 yards of shoes. This change has helped him to achieve a new leap forward, to help him keep his status and health.

Choose to wear 15 yards of shoes can give his feet to provide more breathing space, a large size shoes more conducive to his outside shooting, beautiful curve to help his two consecutive season will be the three pointer hit rate stable at 45% levels.

Allen explained: “my feet are often hurt, two years ago after a match in Detroit, I feel the foot is very uncomfortable, to return to the team bus, I found out the reason, my shoes seems a bit squeezed. I own a “correction operation”, I’ll call shoes provider, tell them the next time give me a pair of size 15 shoes. Since then I have been wearing the shoes in size 15.”

I need my below the knee smooth blood circulation, if the shoes too, my feet will be under more pressure.” Allen further explained.

Allen is now 38 years old, played the 18 season veteran and no extreme downturn state, this season he currently maintains a very high school 45.5% point shooting, this is he became king after league history, three single season highest hit rate, and far higher than the three points he occupation career 40% the hit rate. All this seems to be caused by increased after changing shoes code.

Apparently worthy of discussion is, wear size 16 shoes in the next season, size 17 shoes in the next season, in that case, he would reach 50% in the 2016 season three point shooting? Let me rub one’s eyes and wait!


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